New Client Welcome Page for Hope Financials of Simi Valley, Ca.

New Client Instructions

How To Work with Hope Financial

New Client in 3 Steps with Marly Dalmau EZ in Simi Valley

We work to become a partner with you and your business. To begin we need to evaluate your existing financial documents in order to understand your current business situation. Then we can recommend what services and changes we believe would be the best fit for your business moving forward.

Step One: Make an appointment – User our online appointment scheduler to initiate your Discovery Meeting.

Step Two: You can bring your financial documents with you, or upload them before the appointment. In order to evaluate your current financial situation, we will need to review the following documents:

  • Bank statements – We need to see the number of transactions, categories and reconciliation.
  • Need to see if you separate business from personal finances
  • Any additional information about your business

Step Three: Meet with Marly Dalmau and discuss your finances in order to see how your business is running, your concerns, issues and needs. Based on the review of your documents and meeting with you, we will evaluate and provide you with recommendations on your business. We would also supply any estimates or plans based on our recommendations.