Marly Dalmau EA

Founder & CEO

Marly Dalmau EA - CEO of Hope Financial Services in Simi Valley, Ca.

I graduated from California State University Northridge with a bachelor’s degree in finance in 1996. That same year, I began working for The Walt Disney Company in Burbank California as a financial analyst and genuinely enjoyed my time there. In early 2000, I decided to join a brand new internet retail startup company named eStyle Inc.  It was a great learning experience as it was a new and innovate way of doing business and we were challenged to think outside the box.  I left the corporate world in 2008, right after the birth of my third daughter.  Making the decision to spend the next two years fully engaged in motherhood has been one of the best one I have made.  Motherhood became a priority, but still wanted to be a contributor to our household income, and help others.  That is why in 2010 I decided to become a tax preparer, it gave me the flexible schedule I was looking for and the ability to help others.  Tax preparers develop a special financial relationship with their clients. To prepare an accurate and complete tax return, we become familiar with intimate details of an individual financial situation, it is a bit of a financial confession.  This special relationship also gave me insight in the complexity of the relationship we have with money.  That is when I found my passion and calling to serve others through creating awareness and providing information to lead my clients to financial freedom and peace.

Your Partner on Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Ramsey Preferred Coach - Marly Dalmau

Being a Ramsey Preferred coach means that I am a part of an endorsed program by Ramsey Solutions, which connects individuals with financial coaches. I have completed training through Ramsey Solutions based on the principles and teachings of Dave Ramsey the well-known financial expert.

My role as a Ramsey Preferred financial coach is to help individuals progress through their financial journey by providing guidance and support. I work with various financial aspects such as budgeting, debt management, saving for specific goals, and addressing other financial issues. I am passionate about helping you reach your financial goals and good money habits.

  • Bachelors Degree in Finance, CSUN
  • California Registered Tax Return Preparer CTEC
Member of Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • QuickBooks Pro-Advisor
  • Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach
  • IRS Enrolled Agent