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After many years of working in the field of finance, accounting and tax preparation, I realized that many of us don't truly understand our relationship with money.  Our views of money have been unconsciously programmed since childhood and those beliefs affect our emotions and behaviors towards the production and use of money.  My goal is to help you explore and create awareness of your beliefs and habits about money.  This understanding is the first step in the journey to financial freedom. Once you gain this awareness, you can begin to replace financially destructive habits with wealth producing ones, leading you to achieve financial peace and freedom.


Tax Preparation

Tax laws are constantly changing and we help you navigate through these changes to minimize your tax liability by maximizing credits and deductions while staying compliant.

Financial Coaching

Financial health is achieved by finding the balance between financial stability and emotional well being.  We help you understand your spending and saving habits and take ownership of your financial life

Accounting Services

Small business owners that are engaged in the financial details of the their business are better equipment to navigate through uncertain economic times and make better decisions.

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